High Quality Clamps, Clips, and Brackets

Manufacturing - Experience and Expertise

Updating and improving our manufacturing capabilities is an ongoing process at UMPCO. For that reason, we have the most advanced machinery and technology in the industry. Metal forming is performed on high-speed four slides and automatic punch presses. On these machines we manufacture our standard lines and precision specials from the smallest of shims to large parts requiring forming pressures up to 60 tons.

Supporting this equipment, UMPCO maintains a complete in-house tool and die shop. Fabricating new tooling and keeping existing dies in good running order is the sole responsibility of the seasoned professionals in this critical area.

We are the only manufacturer using reliable, high-speed, automated machinery to assemble support clamps. These custom fabricated machines were designed, built and perfected by UMPCO over many years. Improved third generation models are now being introduced to promote even faster deliveries and lower costs.

NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd. — Certificates

ISO 2011 Certificate
NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd. certifies the Quality Management System of UMPCO Inc.

Prototypes and small quantity orders are expedited by UMPCO personnel, using UMPCO designed forming tools. These hand-fed power tools make custom runs of small quantities possible from a manufacturing process normally geared for volume production.

Finally, assembly and production are skillfully handled by experienced UMPCO specialists. Individually and collectively responsible for the parts they produce, every UMPCO employee is his or her own most critical inspector. Additionally, all parts are checked and rechecked prior to shipment to ensure that UMPCO produces only the finest clamps, clips, brackets and light stampings.

The Final Analysis

Why choose UMPCO for your critical parts requirements? When you come to UMPCO for clamps, clips, brackets and light stampings you get the very finest. The most responsive delivery! The best price! The highest quality! Years of UMPCO experience are at your disposal. And, the largest stocking program in the industry can ease your stocking requirements while saving you money.

All of this is UMPCO. Whether it be quality, delivery or price, please let us solve your light stamping problems.