UMPCO Advantage for High Quality Clamps, Clips, and Brackets

Response — An UMPCO Tradition

UMPCO BuildingLocated in Garden Grove, California, UMPCO's new state-of-the-art facility is devoted to the continuation of our 50-plus year history of producing the highest quality parts and delivering superior service for our global customers.

While our facility and operational technology are new, we have strived to retain the foundation of many years of application ideas and solutions, backed with successful development, implementation and production that reside here.

When you are confronted with situations involving materials, designs and product challenges that require support hardware, you can rely on UMPCO for solutions. Application ideas and hardware area available to help you solve problems involving special environments -- including extremes of temperature, vibration, weight and space – as well as cost. In the areas of support clamps, spring clips, brackets and other metal specialties… UMPCO is committed to being responsive to your needs.

Response is a tradition at UMPCO. That is why we maintain the largest inventory of finished parts in the industry. "Same Day Service" on small quantities is more than a goal, at UMPCO it is a reality. Delivery of large lot quantities can be made within four weeks-- or less -- to coincide with your critical production schedules.

Requests for quote are handled in the same speedy fashion. On our standard product line, pricing and delivery information can usually be given at the time of your request. Mail or faxed quotations receive prompt attention and are returned to you on the day they are received. Quotations on ‘new design’ products are also handled expeditiously.

Inside Our Catalog

The UMPCO name first appeared on high quality clamps, clips and brackets over 50 years ago. Our original focus was almost exclusively on products and services for the defense industry. However as times have changed, so has UMPCO. Today, our products have become the standard for original equipment on cars, trucks, trailers, motor homes and a variety of industrial uses, while we remain ‘first choice’ for defense, aircraft and space vehicle applications where quality and consistency are critical.

Parts produced under numbers that begin with AN, MS, and NAS were originally designed for aerospace applications, although many are equally suited for industrial applications. Parts produced under numbers that begin with an "S" are UMPCO designed; some are for a specified application. All parts are produced to MIL-I-45208A inspection standards. UMPCO has received many Quality and Service Awards throughout a variety of industrial sectors for its commitment and dedication to the highest standards.

AN-MS-NAS Part Numbers

These parts, manufactured under a rigid quality control system, are under the scrutiny of DEFENSE PROCUREMENT ORGANIZATION, Santa Ana (DPRO, formerly DCASD). All are exactingly manufactured to the applicable military standard established to ensure the highest quality parts available anywhere. Refer to the applicable part numbers for exact details or call us at (714) 897-3531 for more information.

Commercial Support Clamps

General industrial and automotive applications usually call for neoprene cushioned S325 and S370 support clamps. If you require a support clamp with additional width or larger mounting holes, see S219, S332, S463, S464, S465, S466, S467 and S468. If you have an application requiring high temperature cushion materials see S500, S595, S634, or call our friendly Sales Department for assistance (714) 897-3531.


A wide variety of angle and flat brackets are available to solve your application requirements. Our "off the shelf" policy can help eliminate the need and expense for custom-made parts. For angle brackets, see part numbers AN743, MS9101-MS9104, MS9165-MS9168, and MS9592-MS9603. Flat brackets are represented by part numbers MS9365-MS9367, MS9551 and MS9552.